Sunday, 9 December 2012


I loved this photo! it made me laugh that both Stewart and Delaine look less than impressed about having there photo taken at 6 in the morning before going to watch the crowning of the May Queen.

It an annual event that we attend each year on the 1st of May.  It has been such an inspiration to me to be involved in such an old Pagan tradition that has continued in some form to this day. 

This is were my interest in Banner's has come from.  This is the 1st in a series that i intend to do.  The colour are quite muted for me, but i felt that they were the most appropriate for the scene.

'Make Merry' is a quote i found in a British folk art book that was talking about the history of these traditions and how the whole town of village would have been involved in or attended in a massive celebration.  Its a shame that now there is a limited number of regulars that attend the 'May Day' celebrations here, and in many towns the traditions are fizzling out.


This is an image of two friends of mine at our 'Royal Wedding' garden party.  It is one of those images that really inspired me. I love the way there hands are knotted together and the spirit of them both is captured in that moment of interaction.

It was a challenge to get the detail correct in the hands, which dictated the size of the work.  I have used colours that reflect the personalities of the sitters in my usual linear illustrative style.

'Dance to your own tune' is a term of madness which i thought was very apt for Natalie and Evon, who are both very strong willed and independent women.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The Proposal

This is a hand embroidered portrait of myself and my now Husband, the day he proposed when a little worse for ware at Brighton Pride 6 years ago!

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

London Design Week 2007
Commission from Raw Nerve

This was an exciting commission that required a sympathetic approach to renewing a life and history to a tatty old sofa found on Deptford High St.

This is a technique that i have used for personal projects that encompasses my love for vintage fabrics, tea towels and pinnys!